Corporate and Commercial Law

Corporate and Commercial Law

Our solicitors are well experienced in achieving the business goals and objectives of our clients in all types of cases. Our backgrounds in business and experiences in commercial practices varied depending on the clients we serve. Commercial law, being one of the most important legal areas of businesses requires special attention. We have proper mastery of these areas of law and are well equipped to render legal services to our clients in their dealings with matters relating to commerce and trade between businesses and consumers as well as areas of employer/employee relationship (i.e. Master-servant contract), business contracts, financial transactions and more.

We advise our clients on planning and litigation strategies as to whether to settle or to litigate disputes and whether to pursue good faith negotiation, alternative dispute resolution or litigation. Our firm handles a wide variety of matters, including organization and formation of corporations, limited liability companies, partnership and other business entities, dissolution of companies, business purchases and sales, commercial transactions, contract drafting and negotiation and employment law issues.


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