Energy and Environmental Law

Energy and Environmental Law

Energy Laws are the bodies of law regulating the use, and the conservation of energy as well as taxation of energy services, whether renewable or non-renewable. The laws are typically tailored and designed to ensure the safety of energy consumers as well as increasingly efficient electronics and appliances with profound implications to the environment.

As technology continues to advance and more and more energy sources emerge, the need for practitioners in the area of energy and environment becomes inevitable not only for an effective production and distribution of these types of energy but also their use and the underlying technology. Our firm is equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience in Energy and Environmental laws. We practically provide legal services to clients on such riven fields, such as legal advice, legal documentation, representation and litigation on a broad range of legal matters that deal with energy industry such as contracts, labour and employment disputes, real estate/land acquisition, intellectual property rights, environmental and conservation of nature as they also relate to human rights.


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